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suitcase wrote:
geetface9 wrote:
suitcase wrote:
andrew wrote:This is far more important than any test. It helps DD keep track of his people. :hehe:

Speaking of the test, I'm pretty sure I failed... LOL oh well

no worries. You'll go farther in life playing a sport than finishing school!!

Good thing I just talked to a track coach at a college then, hahaha!

Very good!! Now get a sponsorship from red bull to do pointless stunts and make that $$ !!!!!
Not bad for a #2 driver
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Re: World Map

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DONE now find me twice yes another post gone
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Re: World Map

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Nin-Chin wrote:yes another post gone

The forum community await with bated breath. :eek:
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Re: World Map

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Added mine
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Re: World Map

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Re: World Map

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Added myself. :wavey:
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Re: World Map

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There's 2 Jabberwockies! Nice to see LRWs nan on there.
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Re: World Map

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The 1st one would not let ne change it
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