Disney (ESPN) buys F1-live.com

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Re: Disney (ESPN) buys F1-live.com

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That looks pretty cool. I like how you've rolled various categories into one as well.
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Re: Disney (ESPN) buys F1-live.com

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nextgen-auto wrote:Hello all,

I just saw this topic. I was the former chief webmaster of Racing-Live.com (F1-Live.com) in France and when ESPN launched their new website, our office was closed and we were out of jobs.

With the help of some colleagues at F1-Live we have opened a new website called Nextgen-Auto.com where you can continue to follow us.

The website is opened since 10 days and we already have thousands of visits. We hope the website will please you with a lot of news and High Res pics, and a lot more to come.

If you like it, thanks to help us... we want to fight our unemployment with this website.

This is not a spam, just an information on our situation.

Best regards,


Sorry to hear this :(
The new site looks good - got it bookmarked already :thumbup:
Hope you stick around as a regular poster and share your insights.
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