Racecar Engineering. the best magazine for serious f1 fans

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Racecar Engineering. the best magazine for serious f1 fans

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dear forumula 1 readers,

i wanted to make you aware of the best f1 engineering magazine called "Racecar Engineering". i know how popular the Scarbs F1 website is because it goes into the advanced engineering of racecars and f1. well Racecar Engineering is a whole magazine dedicated to this. i have been reading both F1 Racing and Racecar Engineering for over a decade and find they compliment each other perfectly. F1 Racing for all the news and Racecar Engineering for all the advanced engineering. I am not an engineer by trade but Racecar Engineering succeeds in making difficult engineering concepts very easy to understand and as a result I am able to enjoy formula 1 and motorsport at a much deeper level. 

the sad thing is not many f1 fans know about Racecar Engineering. so here is how you get more information.

this is their website
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