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#442557 Hi guys,

So, I wanted to start my collection on MIchael Schumacher items since I am a huge fan. I was planning on buying an original helmet worn by him and I came across a couple of websites, each had a couple for sale. Now, the thing is I don't know how to make sure it is authentic. There was one Morra Barmak who is a big collector of motorsports items. He has a store as well in Toronto. He says he will give a COA signed by him. I do not know how popular he is although his website seems genuine and he has a huge huge collection of stuff. The helmet is naturally very expensive so I wanted to make sure I get the right thing. Any suggestions on alternate places where I could buy and who all I could go to for reference to check of it authenticity? Naturally, the item in question will only retain its value if its authenticity is rock solid.
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