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#224814 Hi, I'm trying to complete my F1 racing collection and I was wondering if anyone has any issues they'd be willing to sell.
The issues I'm looking for are
Dec 97
Nov 02
Jan, Feb, May, July, Aug, Nov, Dec 03
June, Oct, Nov 04
May 05
April, May, July, Oct, Nov, Dec 07
all of 08
all of 09 except Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
all of 2010 except Jan, Feb, March
Thanks in advance for any help, Mag
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#224815 This may help and best of luck with your collection :) .
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#224822 I think that this one is fine, the user is not trying to sell!

Hope you find some of the issues you need to complete your collection! :)
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#224825 Yes sir you are correct and it was my error :) .
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#225550 I probably have several of the '07 and '08 issues you need, and definitely some '09 ones. However they are all stored at my Mum's house so it'd be probably a month or so before i can give you a conclusive list of what i have. I'd be willing to sell them if the prices are reasonable enough.

So watch this space...
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#226907 Have you tried local second-hand bookshops and places like Salvos and Red Cross? They often have them and at dirt cheap prices
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#228137 i probably have some 09/10 knocking round ill check and get back to you
#234377 Hi

I have near enough a full series of F1 racing magazine

I'm not sure where you live i.e. which country.

If you are interested please let me know howmuch you are willing to pay per copy and postage etc. and I can see if w can get it sorted for you.

Out of interest I have a copy of F1 magzine Vol1 Issue 1 from March 2001 with michael schumacher on the front cover if you are interested in buying that also.
Thsi is going on ebay to be sold today. let me know if you are interested and I can possibly remove it from ebay

Photographs can be provided if you require them.

Matthew - frmo Wales uk
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ByIrv the Swerve
#234388 I have every single F1 racing mag since March 06 but I'm collecting them myself so sorry bro! :wink:
#240127 I have every issue of F1 Racing in near perfect condition from issue 1 in March 1996 through to May 2005 - 9 years worth, which I am wanting to part with. If anyone is interested, then do send me a message. I am based in London and you woud need to collect them as they weigh a lot!!



.....but I guess everyone knows what a pile of magazines look like!
#247748 Hey guys

Wondering if anybody in here can help me as I'm looking for issues from when the mag first started in 1996 right through to November 1999.

Also wondering if anybody has any of the binders too?

Hope somebody can help!
#247797 Hi there nyc55david - have sent you a PM!
#252906 The magazines are still available by the way - best if you live in the UK, ideally London!
#445955 Is there any chance that they are still available;
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