I am done with going to Shanghai GP

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Re: I am done with going to Shanghai GP

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scousers on tour 2008 wrote:sorry to say this but 20 + people i know have been to silverstone, i have never been as i hate getting ripped off in the UK its cheaper and better value going to other countries ( in my opinion) they just walk in on the morning of the race with no tickets and get in a grandstand every year......its that easy.... trouble is if this is the last year for silverstone you will get ripped off even more.with over priced food and drink, hotels etc .....please let me know if i am wrong....i hope you have a good time i really do

Hmm. Ah well, we'll have to wait and see how it goes. Thanks for the heads-up.
(Melbourne jacks up the price considerably too when the GP is in town - and food at the track isn't cheap).

I can tell you that the Silverstone tickets weren't cheap :eek: , but this may be the only chance (in the near future) to get to a race in Europe. (I will be in Europe for a conference in late June so work is paying for my flights, so I thought I would swing by the UK and catch the race).
Hopefully things will be ok, but if not, I'll just mark it down as an experience I will have to learn from :smallthumbup:
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Re: I am done with going to Shanghai GP

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Cordyceps wrote:come to Singapore, it rocks.

Oh yea.. I'm sure it will be great! :wavey:
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Re: I am done with going to Shanghai GP

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In all honesty, the Oz GP is great. Yes the price of everything gets inflated, but this seems normal for all races that I attend.
Having a seat in the grandstand is definately the way to go though, as you can wander around during the support events and return to your seat for the big events. I've been getting the very top row in the grandstand for the last couple of years, because you can then be the person that stands up, without ruining it for other people. And except for a couple of occassions, people in all the other rows are very considerate, only standing up to take photos.
Unless of course you're lucky enough to sit behind the Ferrari supporter with the huge flag that waves it in front of your face every lap.
On the subject of grandstands, there were far fewer erected on the main straight this year. I noticed when watching the replay later that the camera angles didn't show the huge empty spaces where grand stands have previously stood. Interesting to note then that the crowd was only slightly down.