going to the barcelona gp

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going to the barcelona gp

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hi all first time posting am looking at going to the Barcelona gp 2012 looking at booking for the main grandstand just a few questions?
1. is it easy getting from the airport to the circuit and back to the airport?
2. do you have to pay for camping and is it ok? enough room for everyone?
3. anything else i need to know or is it that simple
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Re: going to the barcelona gp

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First of all greetings :wavey:
Never been to the Barca GP but one thing to bare in mind is Barca has three airports.One in the city ,the other two which are about 70 miles from barca.They are still classed as Barca.Bit like Stansted in is to London.I know ryanair use the two outside,easyjet use the main one in the centre.thats if your planning one of the cheaper airlines.
Both do have good links to the city centre but the transfer time might be worth bearing in mind ,around 90 minutes.
It's the pick pocket capital of europe so have your wits about you :) Best night out is round the harbour rather than the centre.