*****NEW (and improved) FORUM GUIDELINES - Please Read!*****

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*****NEW (and improved) FORUM GUIDELINES - Please Read!*****

Postby darwin dali »

Forum Guidelines - Forumula1.com F1 Forum

For those who have been regular members of Forumula1.com during recent seasons, you will know first hand how the controversy and politics of our favourite sport can spill over from the F1 paddock and onto our forums. With many of you supporting different teams and drivers we would be naive to expect everyone to get on with one another. For the reasons above we have created this set of guidelines to further the enjoyment of all members on this forum.

Forum Etiquette

We expect members to respect the views of other people and debate such views constructively. Those who persist in using threatening or insulting behaviour will be thrown in a very sticky sin bin. We operate a zero tolerance approach to racism and spam, and these two will lead to an instant, permanent ban. Please report all objectionable content and spam to a moderator using the exclamation mark icon above the relevant post.

Should you have an issue with another member, don't fight it out on the forums. Ninety percent of the time it will be a misunderstanding, and nothing that cannot be resolved with a well placed "emoticon".

Should users be unable to stick to these etiquette guidelines, the following infringements can earn a warning and/or ban depending on severity.

* Personal insults, including derogatory names of F1 drivers.
* Threatening behaviour.
* Perpetually argumentative or excessively aggressive responses.
* Sexism, ageism, racism, including nationalistic, religious and sexual orientation intolerance.
* Posts intended to flame and/or provoke users for a reaction, regardless of subtlety.
* Posting of private messages on the public forum.
* Posting private details of another user.
* Not complying with moderator requests and/or questioning moderator decisions on the open forum; any questions/complaints should be sent via PM to a member of the moderation team.

The principals of Forumula1.com reserve the right to supersede, edit or overrule any of the items listed to protect the interests of the forum and its community.

We operate a three strikes rule on this forum, if a third warning is issued within a 90 day period a minimum of a temporary 14 day ban will be applied.

We also operate a "fishing trip" policy; a member can be hit with a 1 - 3 day temporary ban for incessant argumentative behavior which is deemed disruptive to the general forum well being. Issued along with a warning, this "fishing trip" can be extended based on the user's persistence or a flagrant disregard of a moderator's official general warning on a thread or topic.

Any moderator decision can be appealed by contacting an administrator via private message and stating your case once and without further appeal after the administrator's decision. An appeal shall include only the user's actions as examples, and not include examples of past posts by other forum members.
Warnings will expire after 90 days if there are no further infringements. If another infringement occurs within that 90 day period, it will reset/renew the 90 day count.

Avatar and Signature images

Unlike other forums, we can host your avatar images. The maximum size for an avatar is 165x200px (width x height) and no more than 25kb in size. You can upload your avatar through your 'Profile'.

Signature pictures should be no more than 595x100px (width x height) and no more than 35kb (we still have users on dial-up).

Unfortunately we are unable to host signature images, but we can upload these if you email or PM me. Server space is also available for any images you wish to show the forum, and should you have a website, we can also host that for a small very competitive fee.

Please note that we do not allow users to have URLs in their signatures unless prior approval has been given by an administrator. URLs in signatures will be removed without warning.

Items for Sale

We do not allow items to be posted for sale by non established forum members. If you are not an established member, please contact a forum Administrator for prior approval.

Legal Speak

Copyright is the issue of the user and not the responsibility of Forumula1.com or its owners. We should also add that Forumula1.com and its owners will not be held responsible for the expressed views and actions of our users, or for the content and accuracy of any post, topic or thread.

Images may be compressed, altered or removed by administrators at any time. Content may be edited, moved or deleted by administrators and moderators without warning.

These guidelines are very much a moving target, should you have any suggestions on how we could improve them, please contact us. If anything within the current guidelines is not understood, then please ask for clarification.
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Re: *****NEW (and improved) FORUM GUIDELINES - Please Read!*

Postby scotty »

darwin dali wrote:* Perpetually argumentative or excessively aggressive responses.
* Posts intended to flame and/or provoke users for a reaction, regardless of subtlety.

Quoted for emphasis, cause this seems to be the cause of a lot of, if not all of the problems here.
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