Button vs Barrichello

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Button vs Barrichello

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My monies on Button, Rubens ist too used to being the team beatch imho to give him any bother.
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Ruben has been brainwashed to always let his team mate win :o
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Hm maybe cos thats what Rubens had had to put up with he may just feel that NOW is the time to show others what he is capable of....No doubt if Rubens starts doing better thatn Buttplug...then Butty will start to moan a bit...afterall hes had to pay to stay at BAR and get out of his Williams.... I think it might be tighter than you think ... Afterall Butty is said to be the No. British driver !!...Hmm remind me ....how many wins is it hes got ?????? LOL :mrgreen: