Toyota showing improvement

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Toyota showing improvement

Post by Irv the Swerve »

In an other topic, we were discussing Toyota and their dismal season last year and it might happen again, but Toyota seem to have their act together, RS posted the fastest time at Valencia and now the Williams team (using the Toyota engine) look on fire at the moment so is it going to be Toyota and Williams year or is it too soon to call?
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Post by 7UpJordan »

As long as Williams improve, I couldn't care less what the team with the most boring looking cars in F1 history (Toyota that is) do. :D
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Post by R00DIT »

why do toyota come across so boring? im sure laura x would disagree, but i cant find anything exciting about them either. honda on the otherhand seem positively interesting, and theyre a very similar team in nationality, work ethic etc.
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Post by Alien_SAP_Fiend »

I do hope Toyota produce a powerful, reliable engine this year and that it works well with the Williams. Both teams have the ability to be on the podium this year!
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Post by Gerrard »

I think Toyota need to improve, big time! Williams cant get any worse! My feeling is if Toyota dont win soon they will pull out of F1 as a constuctor and simply suply engines. This would explain the departure of gasgoyne, and the 'Close' relationship with williams.