Raikkonen slams Mercedes

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Raikkonen slams Mercedes

Post by Freddie »

From eurosport.com :
Kimi Raikkonen says McLaren have an engine problem and Mercedes have a lot of work to do before the start of the Formula One season if they are to be competitive. The Finn tried out the new MP4-21 for the first time at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya on Thursday.

He was 12th fastest out of the 14 cars on track after completing 65 laps.

Uh-oh, doesn't sound good - I really hope the McLarens will be more reliable this year so we can see a 1:1 comparison between Kimi/McLaren and Alonso/Renault without any excuses about reliability
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Karen S
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Post by Karen S »

Whoops..not a good move Kimi to slam Mercedes like that... guess who will be looking for a new drive now come 2007 LOL

Yes - must admit being a MASSIVE DC fan... and following the testing times with Red Bull... we know that they have had cooling problems with the car - but even then Monty was only 1/10th faster than DC and Parfett I think it was was behind....

lets face it ..its been SOOO good to see another team win the championship..and not to have total Scummi dominance I dont care WHO wins ( ok ok RBR would be totally AWESOME) :D ......but its poor losing by men like Big Ron to blame HIS DRIVERS for them losing the championships last season ...when the problem then was with Mercedes ) EEK!!! - just thought...Im changing my car from a Merc A class to a PT Cruiser on Wednesday - and I had forgotten that even they are powered by Mercedes...

WOW havent Mercedes got BRILLIANT engines :D :D :D
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Post by Stephen »

Karen S wrote:WOW havent Mercedes got BRILLIANT engines :D

Lol, Mercedes power everything! ;)

Anyway, news story doesn't sound good - and to be 12th out of 14 cars is quite shocking, although I suspect McLaren would be just 'shacking down' the new car.
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Post by simac »

I tell you what makes me laugh, the BMW Mini has a Chrysler engine (made in Brazil). Since they made the deal, Merc bought Chrysler so in fact, when you buy a BMW Mini it has a Merc engine LMFAO I think that is hillarious :D