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F1 Racing Quick List

Post by Marco »

Just read Stephen's article regarding F1 Racing's Quick List:

http://www.forumula1.com/2006/f1/f1-new ... ent-field/

Could anyone else sense Stephen's disbelief at their feature. I think any survey on whose quickest, slowest or smallest is totally subjective. There are so many factors, and it's impossible to compare the dangerous racing of yester-year with the ultra-hitech processions of today.
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Irv the Swerve
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Post by Irv the Swerve »

Very much so!! :) How the hell is Button 49th, oh I forgot, he's British. :wink:
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Re: F1 Racing Quick List

Post by Stephen »

Marco wrote:Could anyone else sense Stephen's disbelief at their feature.

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darwin dali
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Post by darwin dali »

Well, fortunately it's not the fastest driver that most of the time wins, but the quickest. Quickness includes so much more such as race skills, passing skills, competence to handle adverse conditions, etc. They may have tried to include those factors by consulting with the named personalities, but I suspect that their input was at least partially subjective and not based on a quantitative approach.
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Post by R00DIT »

nice one re the fisichella comment!! :lol: