Circuits - Poorly Managed?

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Circuits - Poorly Managed?

Postby Stephen »

I was thinking the other day (I know that's unusual for me) just why circuits like Spa, Hockenheim, Imola and Silverstone are always fighting to keep their place in F1? Whilst I agree that Hockenheim lost favour amongst fans after track alterations (more like castration), Spa and Silverstone remain exceptionally popular, and Imola is a track loved by the Tifosi and which the drivers enjoy.

So given track popularity isn't the problem, and finances has to be ruled out because all circuits receive similar monies from hosting such events, my hypothesis is this that 'tracks are endangered due to general mis-management'!
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Postby Marco »

It's probably a mixture of things, but it's pretty obvious Silverstone is poorly managed. Sure they're a bunch of enthusiastic and hardy fellows but I don't think they get it. Just compare Silverstone with Sepang and you'll see what I mean.

Poor management + Lack of investment = No GP