MM: I would have not given the penalty.

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MM: I would have not given the penalty.

Post by Irv the Swerve »

Max Mosley has revealed that he would not have given Fernando Alonso the controversial grid penalty at Monza where the world champion was deemed to have "impeded" Felipe Massa during qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix.

"Unemcumbered by the baggage of earlier decisions, I wouldn't have penalised Alonso," said Mosley.

"But then I often disagree with the stewards.

"For example, I wouldn't have given Alonso a two-second penalty for the brake-testing (and yellow-flag) episode in Hungary – I would have sent him home :shock: .

"'Brake testing' is using a car as a weapon to menace another driver – dangerous and a license-loser if you do it on the road," he explained.

"In that same weekend I wouldn't have given Schumacher a two-second penalty for overtaking under a red flag, because, arguably, on that occasion it wasn't the least dangerous.

"However, I can understand the stewards' view that red is more serious than yellow and should attract a bigger penalty."

"I hope this at least shows how ridiculous are those who suggest 'the FIA' favours this or that faction, or acts differently according to where an event is held.

"You may not always agree with the FIA – I certainly don't – but that is the price of an independent judiciary."

Send alonso home eh... :P
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Post by Dazza »

Interesting stuff. To be honest i thought Alonso's penalty at Monza was harsh, i think most people did. Mosley said at the time that the data indicated that Massa was impeded although the Renault seemed quite far ahead. Maybe that's just a reflection of modern technology, i don't believe he would have lied about the data. The question in my mind is do we want that level of technology. But i suppose it's a bit like soccer, do we want to rely on real-time referee decisions (the naked eye) or should we rely on video playbacks?

Every time i've mentioned Alonso's brake testing under flags in hungary, people have replied 'brake-testing always happens in motor sport'.
But my point was it was done under waved flags. Maybe some chose to ignore the fact that there were waved flags. So i guess it's not just Ferrari / MSC fans that are biased :)

And at the end of the day, unless you are totally uninterested in any team or driver, there's no way you can be totally objective. It's down to who you support, I tend to support Ferrari, so obviously i'm gonna be a bit biased, that's only human.
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Post by bud »

Todt and Massa lied to the Stewards and to the fans using the telemetry data as evidence when all the data proved was massa's revs at parabolica were screwed. The data didnt prove Alosno caused this mistake but they based it on other hot laps where massa was fine through parabolica. Now whether he stuffed up his revs cos he got a tow from alonso and was going faster than normally or he just plain got it wrong doesnt matter, the fact is Alonso did nothing wrong and Todt and Ferrari used this oppertunity to take a low blow at the competition something they are good at!

and Dazza you talk about people who cant really talk if its involving their favourite teams for biased views well sorry to say im a Mac nothing to do with Renault!
But whats with bringing the brake testing up? Alonso got penalised for it so whats the big deal about it? Mosely is a fool to suggest to send him home for that, its happend before at monaco 05 and there are many a time when drivers who brake test arent caught its the way it goes. not to mention Schumi overtook on a red that same race, schumi knows better suprised he even overtook, if its a red flag or yellow you stay behind the car infront, you go 10kmh if you have to its like a safety car in affect.