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Formula One related discussion.
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Just shows Woods has little knowledge of F1 ;)
he is only basing his claim on mikes stats for consistantly winning titles, which was due to Ferrari's superior performance! Far cry from a solo sport like golf or tennis where your performances are basically in your own control and not in the machinery you use. eg. Kimi drives the same way every year consitently fast yet it all depends on his cars speed to determine his stats. Woods hasnt got a clue with motorsports! Ferrari lambs using this quote for provication are just making themselves look stupid!

DD what you on about? the 94 Benetton had illegal traction control :P
but what youre trying to say is pretty stupid, its like saying put mike in a F1 car from the 70s or 60s and he would be lost! I say given a few test laps they would all be able to feel their way with cars of different era's, they are racers afterall.

03 Mclaren the class of the field? hahahaha you do know it was the 17 from the 02 season right? the 17D won 2 races in 03 one for DC one for Kimi, dont know how you can claim it was the class of the field!