Happy Birthday Michael!

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Happy Birthday Michael!

Postby Forza »

Wishing my friend, the legend that is, the prince among men, the man I want to be, our champion, your champion, the red, the best, the 7 times world champion (Forza Forever) Michael Schumacher a very happy 37th birthday.

I want to be you Michael, I go out every weekend in my Ferrari badged Fiat 126 and race Mercedes with the FIA music playing threw my Walkman that I tied to my gearstick (no where else to put it). I could have been you had I not lost my ears in a tragic fishing accident.

Forza Forever! 8) We are brothers. If you read this i'm the one hiding in the bush outside your house.
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Postby Stephen »

Yup, happy birthday MS - not quite sure what else to say after such a complimentary post...:)
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Postby Marco »

What the hell was that all about Ferrari boy? :lol: