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:shock: what??? :?: Ferrari wins WHEREVER

anyway, welcome!


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Confirmation that Turkey will host a GP next year, although they have been given a hefty fine of about £2.66 milion following their interesting incident in Istanbul.

The FIA had feared that the incident had compromised its political neutrality but in the end decided that a fine would be the best punishment. The chrage against them is "breaking the FIAs statutes, the international sporting code and F1 regulations", and they have been found guilty on all counts.

Race organisers had said that the invitation to Talat was as "a dignitary of international status" and denied using the podium ceremony to gain political advantage.

This fine is one of the largest handed out and is far more than the £530,000 one which was handed out to Ferrari following the Austrian GP in 2002 where Ferrari told Barrichello to let Schumi through in final lap so that Schumi could win the race.
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Just for the record, they were fined $5m, no need to convert it into some crummy currency nobody uses! :twisted::mrgreen:

The World Motor Sport Council has found against the National Sporting Authority of Turkey (TOSFED) and the Organisers of the Turkish Grand Prix (MSO) on all counts.
The organisations have been fined a combined total of $5 million.
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