Mass damper... Final outcome

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Spitz wrote:the wheel frisbees is really to keep heat into the brakes at the on the grid the same concept as the the tyre blankets. ron dennis complained to the fia but its allowed. i think the toyota used it as well. i think we will see most of the teams using the frisbees at monza next week

According to Pat Symonds they are illegal due to the fact youre basically changing apart of your brake system in parc ferme! Whether they are to cool brakes or put heat in depends who you speak to, one thing it does do is make the air flow more efficient on the part of an open wheel car which creates the most drag... the tyres. Which can also be interpreted as a moving aero part and be banned under the same ruling as mass dampers were deemed under.

But again no one had a quarm with the "frisbees" when Torro Rosso introduced them first, guess only the top teams look out for their main rivals interpretation of the rules huh :lol: