Kimi to Renault - They Hope!

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Kimi to Renault - They Hope!

Postby Stephen »

According to the daily rag I picked up on the underground, Renault are desperate to land Kimi next year and their management is full of praise for the young Finn. It's no surprise, but insiders have told me that Kimi is currently 'on the fence', debating where to go to next year. Renault have been trying to drop the hint since the US GP, urging the young Finn to sign.

It is still quite possible Kimi will be driving a Ferrari in 2007. :twisted:
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Postby Selcouth_Feline »

I'd love to see Kimi in a Ferrari alongside MS, but it won't happen. He's going to Renault....
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Postby Forza »

Rubbish, massa is doing well, why does raikonnen think he can muscle in our team? Hes good but not ferrari good. :roll:
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Postby bud »

Forza youre right Kimi isnt Ferrari good, he is better than that!
he doesnt need a subordinant driver team rule to win, he doesnt need the whole team around him and having a guinee pig team mate!

Part of me wanted to see Kimi and Mike fight it out Kimi was all for it.. why wasnt mike?? chicken? haha
but consider Kimi will either sign long term with Renault or McLaren i think Ferrari have lost out on ever getting him now. He will remember when they signed him to a pre agreement only to say sorry mike is staying on and doesnt want you here. Kimi will remember that when he becomes a free agent once again!!!