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Mosley, meanwhile, also writes a column for the same British magazine, and he took the opportunity this month to re-float his controversial pet-idea for driver-rotation in F1.

Under his scheme, drivers would move from cockpit to cockpit during a season.

Michael Schumacher, for example, might be at the wheel of a McLaren at one Grand Prix, and a Super Aguri for the next.

Max Mosley said: “But don't worry, I've been suggesting it without success for twenty years."

Reminds me of the horse jumping world championships where (at least when I was watching them 25 years ago, dunno whether they still do it this way) the 4 or 5 finalists had to go through the course on every other finalist's horse. Was kinda fascinating to watch them get to know the other horse during a rotational intermission of 5 minutes or so. Now, with a horse I don't think you can manipulate too much re. how it performs under a strange rider. But cars? This would open a whole can of worms. How could MM/FIA make sure that the teams don't 'prepare' the cars especially 'well' for other drivers? An interesting challenge though to come up with a good solution. How entertaining would the races be though? FA hobbling around in a Aguri at the end of the field while Sato crashes the McLaren into the tire barriers? Well, the latter could be fun to watch :D
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Max really really has to go!