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JV's just the latest of many to rave about the famous and infamous Nordschleife in Nürburg, the part of the ring they scrapped after Lauda's horrific accident. BTW: did you see the brief interview by Peter Windsor with BE? He mentioned that Lauda went to the place where he had the accident and that some other people were there and that it was quite emotional. BE replied: Yeah, yeah, they were looking for his ear. And they found his ear. Grin, grin, and off he went...

Anyway, as I was saying: Nordschleife. With the Ring's F1 future not being very secure, here's an alternative plan: organize an F1 race on the Nordschleife every four years and call it the F1 European Championship or the F1 Masters where only the 10 best drivers of the past year are allowed to qualify/participate.
What da ya think of this idea?
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Great idea, one of my mates saw the tribute whilst on track. It's a great circuit, 14 miles long, could be a great setting for a 24 hr race! ;)