Gay F1 Drivers

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Gay F1 Drivers

Post by R00DIT »

Has there been any, I heard rumours last year that Heidfield may swing that way, can anyone verify? Would be great, we could have pit hunks! :P
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Post by Freddie »

Personally, I couldn't really care less
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darwin dali
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Heard the same. But now he's got a wife and a kid, so maybe bi? At any rate, he's got a cute little bottom that swings in a tempting fashion when he walks :lol:

Do they have a 'Don't ask, don't tell' policy in the paddock? :shock: :mrgreen: :shock: :mrgreen: :twisted:
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Post by Stephen »

Freddie wrote:Personally, I couldn't really care less

My thoughts exactly, however I think if any of them were, it would be good for the sport. It's very likely, Alonso was all over Schumacher a$$ on Sunday! :twisted: