Any chance of Flabio getting his way?

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Any chance of Flabio getting his way?

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We shall know pretty soon according to Ross:

Brawn insisted that Schumacher, who has won five of his titles since joining Ferrari in 1996, remains as motivated as ever and has the physical condition to continue racing. But the German has been frustrated by Ferrari's lack of success, as he currently sits fourth 17 points behind reigning World Champion Fernando Alonso in the standings.

"He wants to drive a car which wins races and it's up to us to provide him with one," said Brawn.

Schumacher said that he was convinced that Ferrari have solved some of the technical glitches which have plagued them ahead of next Sunday's San Marino Grand Prix. "I think we have found the solution to a lot of our problems."

Renault boss Flavio Briatore revealed last week that he wants Schumacher to drive for his team next season, when Spaniard Alonso leaves for McLaren Mercedes. Schumacher worked under Briatore at Benetton early in his career and won successive world titles in 1994 and 1995.
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It is time for a move, but i'm not sure a move to renault is a great idea. It's unlikely that they'll keep their advantage into next year, and with Flav as leader I wouldn't bother.