A 'Speedie' way to a punch in the mouth!

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A 'Speedie' way to a punch in the mouth!

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What is Speeds issue with DC. My understanding is that he overtook under waved yellows, was penalised for it, and DC made it into the points?

Speed shouldn't be talking about beating Coulthard up (would like to see that one) when he's the one whose fcuked up! :roll: :twisted:
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LOL, DC would wreck him!
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DC would only have to say "BOO" and Scott would make a very speedy retreat LMAO
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Remember reading DCs book about the 1998 season and Spa where Schumacher ran into the back of his McLaren. Talking about the incident and Michaels attempted attack, the Scot joked 'i still had my helmet on' or something to do with that. Even so, think Schumacher would stand a better chance than that idiot Speed, I mean what kind of name is that anyways?