4-tier championship

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4-tier championship

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The standings after the Monaco GP:

1 Red Bull 149
2 Mercedes 148
3 McLaren 80
4 Ferrari 78
5 Aston Martin 19
6 AlphaTauri 18
7 Alpine 17
8 Alfa Romeo 1
9 Williams 0
10 Haas 0

First tier with RB and Merc, 2nd tier or best of the rest with McLaren and Ferrari, 3rd tier or lower midfield with Aston, Alpha and Alpine and lastly 4th tier or back markers with Alfa, Williams and Haas.

I think and hope that this picture might hold up for the entire season: closely fought battles for supremacy in each team's tier and probably not much movement between tiers.

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Re: 4-tier championship

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This has always been the way of F1, two teams battling for the titles, the best of the rest, midfield, and the also-rans. The order you suggest is likely to remain true for the whole season, especially given that most teams are looking forward to the regulation changes for 2022.

I consider myself to be relatively neutral, I just want to see good racing, but it's painful to see Williams at the bottom of the list
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