2020 Portuguese GP

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Re: 2020 Portuguese GP

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overboost wrote: 28 Oct 20, 00:03
St.Fric wrote: 27 Oct 20, 18:50
overboost wrote: 25 Oct 20, 23:31 Well better than Bottas!
and Alonso
and Button
and Rosberg
and Vettel

It must hurt you so much. I enjoy it.
Come on now st fric Hamilton was beaten on track head to head over an entire season by three out of four of those drivers. One of them even took his wdc crown!

The fourth driver is harder to compare having never having Hammy as a teammate, but if second tier guys like Rosberg and Button can beat him then there is no reason why Vettel wouldn't as well.

I think you need a new list.