Favorite F1 Race on a Continent

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Favorite F1 Continent

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Favorite F1 Race on a Continent

Post by arnoldc »

O.K., start by saying my favorite is the one I'm watching at the time. That said...

Europe for me. Barcelona. Sorry, Monaco. Love you to death, but Barcelona it is.

Curious what you guys have for a favorite continent or race? Informal and just for fun.

Cheers and regards.
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darwin dali
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Re: Favorite F1 Race on a Continent

Post by darwin dali »

Not sure how this works. Europe has some of the best races (hint: Spa), but I also like the Canadian and US races, Suzuka, Singapore isn't bad either, Melbourne for it's the first in a season. So, dunno how to vote here.
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Re: Favorite F1 Race on a Continent

Post by myownalias »

Europe for me, Spa Francorchamps FTW!
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Re: Favorite F1 Race on a Continent

Post by sagi58 »

Went with North America... because of Montreal being in Canada, eh!! :wink:
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