How Would You Shape F1 in 2008?

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How Would You Shape F1 in 2008?

Post by Stephen »

How about the following:

1. Sack Max Mosely
2. Remove fuel burning final qualifying session, replace with run fastest, but cars must be on track for duration of session, say 15 minutes and only enter pits for fuel/tyres.
3. Make F1 the technologically advanced sport it should be, push on driver safety as well as speed/control/braking systems
4. Introduce incentives, real incentives though, for environmental cars/engines/design/fuel
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Post by darwin dali »

Re. 1. Not sure, unless you come up with a better replacement.
Re. 2. Part one, yes. Second part can't be enforced: how long can they sit in the pits for tire change and/or fuelling? Other adjustments, etc., may need time as well. Suggestion: establish a minimum number of laps to be driven, for each lap below that minimum, the driver gets penalized (somehow, to be decided what that could be such as demotion in starting grid, adding 2 tenths of a second to the best lap, whatever...).
Re. 3. An emphatic yes!
Re. 4. Not just incentives, actually FORCE them by limiting the amount of fuel available per race. Start out with 80 liters or something, the following year cut it down to 60 liters, then 50, etc. No limitation in engine size or gadgets or electronic aids, anything goes as long as you can finish the race on those amounts of fuel. Eventually they will have to drive on fumes or no fossil fuel at all, which will benefit the car industry and of course the environment. No limitations, i.e., a very free formula also because of point no. 3!
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