Schu to leave Ferrari?

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Schu to leave Ferrari?

Post by R00DIT »

Just a thought, but given that Massa is showing his form, and Schu is probably sick of seeing red, could we see Michael move to another team before his much talked about retirement?

I'm thinking a possible move back to Renault, or possibly to McLaren depending on what Kimi decides to do?
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Post by Stephen »

Anythings possible! Would see him going to Renault before McLaren though, but you never know with Ron. Dennis is renowned for putting the success of his companies (ie racing team) ahead of his feelings.

But i'd still rather see Kimi **** Alonso at McLaren. ;)
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Post by darwin dali »

Doubt the Renault option: first it's not even sure they stay in F1, second their pay rate is crap, third, MS would want to bring his trusted fellows with him (he doesn't need the agravation of having to get to know new people and learn their quirks to get along and all that). Bottom line, Renault could never afford him.
More likely (IF at all): Red Bull (deep pockets), Toyota (even deeper pockets), possibly McLaren (fast car).
Could be fun to watch MS duking it out with DC at Red Bull - after a season, poor old DC would either end up in a loony bin or his Prosac dosage would reach Elvis Presley levels, which would make him a walking zombie.
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