Dull, dull, dull!

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Dull, dull, dull!

Post by Marco »

As soon as Kleine decided to barge Kimi off the circuit the race was over. Can't believe I got up at 5:30 just to watch another Renault victory. And what of Montoya and Barrichello, you have the machines to win, but rather than race you go off on a leasurely sunday afternoon drive. :evil:

Roll on Australia and a non-Renault win. :roll:
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Post by Selcouth_Feline »

Hands up who managed to get up for the 5:30am start then....I have to admit I was fast asleep!
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Post by Stephen »

Yeah that wasn't the greatest was it. :(

Hope this is just a one off crappy race and not the template for the 2006 season. Qualifying was more entertaining, never thought i'd say that! :oops:
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Post by simac »

It wasn't the most exciting GP was it !!

I can't believe Kimi's luck, what does that guy have to do !! and then when DC's RB2 stuck in 6th ........... GRRRR LOL ! he had such a good start too.

Oh well, roll on OZ !
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Post by Freddie »

I thought the race was OK !

Kimi's luck is just Kimi's luck - too bad for him. One day he must have used all the bad luck for the rest of his life !

Good to see the Ferraris with performance problems in the heat

Montoya and Rubinho are losers - they have some of the best cars in the field and fail to score. The advantage of Renault is that they have TWO drivers who can win races !
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