2021 Abudhabian GP

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Re: 2021 Abudhabian GP

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overboost wrote: 23 Dec 21, 00:32 Death threats against Latifi after Abu Dhabi GP.

I have seen some Hamilton fans tweeting blaming Horner and the race officials for this abuse, to which, I made the obvious point of the people posting this abuse are responsible, [insert name here] made me do it, is a :censored: excuse.
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Re: 2021 Abudhabian GP

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You in this place are very comical. Every time Max drive Luis off the track on a first lap and Max keeps the lead, is okay. But The one time Max drives Luis off the road and Luis keeps a lead, is bloody murder.

Spa, Brazil, Abu Dhabi and the news today.

Congratulation to Max Verstappen World Driver Champion. 1*