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F1Online Game

Post by Selcouth_Feline »

Anyone playing this yet?

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Re: F1Online Game

Post by LRW »

Selcouth_Feline wrote:Anyone playing this yet?


I was lucky enough to be part of the closed beta testing that started 6 weeks ago.

As a free online game it's ok. But nothing great IMO.

They first advertised it last year as a Manager's game, but it's more a best if both if you ask me, as you still have to race. But it's horrible overhead mouse controlled racing.

I just didn't enjoy it.
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Re: F1Online Game

Post by Stephen »

This site's team is 'Forumula1.com' if you fancy joining! :D
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Re: F1Online Game

Post by 1Lemon »

I enjoy it, citric F1 has the exact same colour scheme as Jordans of old.
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Re: F1Online Game

Post by scotty »

Been meaning to check this out for ages.
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Re: F1Online Game

Post by geetface9 »

Finally played it, it is quite silly fun. Good way to kill time and make a team get better
Not bad for a #2 driver
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Re: F1Online Game

Post by Laurie House »

I was apart of the closed beta. I'm not sure how I feel about it. The controls are hard, especially using the mouse and keyboard for controls. Its so fast paced!
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Re: F1Online Game

Post by schuey002 »

how do u join a team in it?
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Re: F1Online Game

Post by garlga »

the game stopped at 50% in the loading page.... what a tragedy