V8 Supercars

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Re: V8 Supercars

Post by CookinFlat6 »

Great clip, it's a mad series and exciting 'extra close' racing mist time I've watched.
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Re: V8 Supercars

Post by Hammer278 »

This is some good sh!t! Both these guys are d!cks though, some time later Murphy just crashes Ambrose out in Bathurst out of spite for earlier contact. These guys are nuts! Though I love it. :D

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Re: V8 Supercars

Post by JasonNorin »

Nothing really beats V8 supercars. The monstrous sounds they generate are being backed up by superior horsepower.
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Re: V8 Supercars

Post by sagi58 »

Nothing gets the heart pumping and the blood racing like a "real" engine revving!! :cloud9:
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