‘Live’ Race Discussion

In 2007, Forumula1.com introduced a chatroom to allow our Forum members to meet for ‘live’ discussion and debate during Practice and Qualifying sessions, as well as during actual Grand Prix. This proved a huge success, with members often contributing team, driver and race information that even the most informed commentators could not know.

We would like to extend a warm invitation to anyone who would like to participate in our ‘live race chat’ in 2008 and beyond, see forum for details.

Enter the Live Chat here.

3 thoughts on “‘Live’ Race Discussion”

  1. Just watch the movie Rush.. Doesn’t formula 1 today show a similar scenario, Niki Lauda wants to wipe out Redbull, just like he did in the movie with Ferrari against Mclaren!,?!?
    Why dies nobody see that manipulation???

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